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Friday, October 06, 2006

what a phat website, just type in a band name and you'll get all their Promo Videos, Footage of concerts and interviews with the members..
eg most people think Pete Doherty is a massive cock but watch this clip (courtesy of LIBERTINES and see what a nice fella he is - go here too and see the nice message

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Awright you cunts! I couldn't remember the last time I posted a meaningful entry on one of these sites of mine, and was reconsidering my blog boycott because i feel a shakeup in blogspace is needed, and maybe i can be the facilitator. Whether or not this is a wise investment of my time is another question altogether and one to which i already know the answer, but i need some creative outlet other than trying to craft animal shapes out of my semen*
Seriously though, i'm facing some rather big questions in my life at the moment, so i should probably be devoting all my time to addressing those, but i feel i want to express myself freely on a daily basis with you people because i'm not at university and i'm missing speaking to young people who share my interests and vile sense of tumour.

  • The first of these questions is (i) Ernst&Young or (ii) PricewaterhouseCoopers?
  • The second is "Why have i been such a cock for so long and denied the musical brilliance and BEAUTY of Mr Pete Doherty, especially The Libertines and also Babyshambles?"
  • The third is "Am i going to be asking myself a similar question to this in 2 years time about Dirty Pretty things? (who I still think suck balls)"
  • The fourth is "Why don't more bands use recorders like Moldy Peaches do in that "Take Me To Your Leader" song?
  • The fifth is "Will I ever feel as much love in the air as I did last Saturday night/Sunday Morning?"
  • The sixth is "Why does Facebook leave you wanting more? like a physical relationship with the people behind it.. though his apologetic didn't make me find him particularly attractive, neither did that fact that he's american, and that he's a he (male)
  • The seventh is "Why doesn't someone give me some money to make some good TV cos everyhting on it is shit?" that's a bit angry
  • The eigth is "Isn't it massively depressing to think how everyone out of uni is now going to be changing iinto a work-bot with some pinstripe suit and a flash car?"
  • The ninth is "Why are Mogwai so good?"
  • The tenth is "Does anyone want to read this list of indulgently expressed and motivated queries?"

thankyou so much Billy and Oli for making me see the light..

The blowback is back

russell grant hey? i wouldnt want this fella anywhere near my palm though if you know what i mean. i met him in beaujolais but he kind of spoiled my perfect image of everything french. nice chap though, nice bar too.

Bye Bill, going to miss you, love you, etc, hope Delhi is sweet and not too close.


*please don't take this comment (too) seriously

Friday, August 04, 2006


Arthur Lee (1945-2006)
Rest In Peace
Bummer In the Summer

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cheers Bill

great find

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Friday, May 26, 2006


** (I knew he was a little up his own arse but having a dirty alcopop named after HIS group..)

everything i said about Muse being shit on record i whole-heartedly retract. I listened to New Born followed by Citizen Erased earlier on full volume (while a little stoned) and it blew me away. So yeah, sorry. But Absolution is shit (i remember listening to it in Brittany last year and wanting to kill myself. Then Rob sorted us out with some Godspeed..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Alright Robert, I know you might have smoked some spliffs as a kid but I'm never going to have to study you again

Bye Bye Delboy, I've had quite enough of your Relation-R and psychological connectedness

And you mate, you can shove your Grundnorm right up your arse, cos I'm not interested