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Friday, May 05, 2006


Timothy Leary: Hero or Villain
("I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked The Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary, but he couldn't help me either")
(this is predominantly for Rob to have a little rant)
  • Anyone else hate the term "counterculture icon"


Blogger bob said...

in hindsight - a partial villain, helped destroy the freedom to experiment with your mind by being over-excitable, spreading the word too far and too fast with doses far in excess of what is available and considered reasonable today. 20-50ug today, 200-500ug in the 60s.

at the time - great guy, did what he thought he had to. a select few knew about the power and majesty of the psychedelic experience and that wasn't enough - the whole world had to know. fair enough. advised trippers to drop in an quiet room and to escape the material world while others were preaching massive parties with no mention of safety.

thats enough time to retreat into my corner

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