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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Why I Eat Butter And Not Margarine

In a word, Trans
"Harvard University researchers, in a 1994 study, reported that people who consumed hydrogenated oils, such as margarine, had nearly twice the risk of heart attacks as those who consumed little or no hydrogenated oils."
  • Several large studies, including the Nurses’ Health Study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health has indicated a strong link between earlier death and consumption of high amounts of trans-fat.
  • The American Food and Drug Administration, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association all have recommended people to limit intake of trans-fat. An order by the US federal government requires that by 2006 all food be labelled in a way to disclose amounts of trans-fat in products.

Don't say i'm biased: "For this reason margarine manufacturers started to reduce trans-fat in their products since the mid-nineties. In many cases, the current levels are below that of butter now."

This last bit is really good stuff, but "in many cases" still isn't across the board, so don't dismiss me as stoopid for saying years ago that eating butter might be better for you than eating margarine.

Go check your flora for health warnings.



Blogger bob said...

flora is ok it contains no hydrogenated vegetable oil so therefore contains no trans fatty acids.

"bingo bango"

2:31 PM  
Anonymous :) said...

Eye-opening stuff!

1:42 AM  

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