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Friday, January 13, 2006


Like Aristotle, I've found that I'm growing partial to composing lists, but mine are far more interesting

Famous Vegetarians (

Adolf Hitler - turned veggie in 1930 until his death, didn't like women wearing cosmetics cos they contained animal by-products
Des'ree - life oh life, for animals and shit
Ted Danson - 'cheers' gulliver, getting even with poachers
Franz Kafka - oh heavens big cockroach - but don't eat it!
Chris Morris - Jam goes better on toast not made of cows
Chris Martin - "I'm a massive tool" but this is my one redeeming feature
Natalie Portman - this young lady can do no wrong in my eyes, lovely lovely
Danny de Vito - might bite your nose off, but he won't eat meat (cf relationship with penguins)
Spike Milligan - tragic funny brutal cracking dazzling eloquent and veggie, did i say tragic?
Tom Morello - ah the night watchman, veritable maelstroms of vegetarianism & axis of justice
Jack Black - STEP OFF!! STEP OFF!!! STEP OFF!!! (& don't eat meat)
Avril Lavigne - one for you bob, bet you knew this already, if not, you now love her even more
Pythagoras - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nuff said

Also check out this link for a fassshhhinating list of jewish american actors, there are a few interesting ones in there that you couldn't guess (not your Goldblums, Feldmans or Crystals) -


Blogger bob said...

oh yes yes yes avril is vege that rocks my world.

i like to see you being nice to C.M. of CP, he ain't all that bad

10:53 AM  
Anonymous g said...

he is

11:02 AM  
Blogger bob said...

no he aint

12:58 PM  

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