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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well done Liverpool FC

Chelsea are a bunch of cheating fouling dirty bastards, liverpool aren't (although might have been until fairly recently) boring, they just have the second best manager in the world (after mr wenger) who happens to be spanish and favours the score less-concede less-win more-though not by much school of thought.
he won however many leagues and uefa cups/champions league semis? etc so he's the Don, and crouch is great, and garcia is amazing, and xabi alonso wasnt even playing last night and mourinho is a cock. he says that sissoko deserved a red card but conveniently he didnt see the essien tackle, which was worse than the one at bolton.

pr 1) Chelsea and Liverpool both contibuted to a 0-0 draw at stamford bridge on 6/12/05
pr2) if a team draws 0-0 they are boring (ass. from talksport football phone in last night)
conc) liverpool are boring (or else copying chelsea)

bullshit, this makes chelsea more boring because they drew 0-0 at home and with the amount of money at their disposal could not even score or threaten liverpool's 10 clean sheets in a row or whatever it is. mourinho also said after the game when interviewed that liverpool are always appealing/prima donna shit etc - this is bullshit


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