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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sugababes in New Member Shocker

Sugababes - do they push your button?

ah the lovely sugarbabes, such great songsmithtresses with a social and political conscience, the video for "Ugly" is profound/profane/prozac-inducing/protoypically shallow and such like. all at once. but said band lost the chav nutter tatoo layabout pregnant one Mutya Buena last week, replacing her within 24 hours

work out if this is a fair swap..

I reckon this'll do, in fact i think that the babes have excelled themselves with this dip into the (pre) January transfer window. very infectious tunes, midriffs and frivolous attitudinal youthfulness. does anyone share my enthusiasm?

Replacement X

name: Amelle (6.2 on the Hackett scale) Berrabah (ethnic, good, expand fan base)

age: 21

quote: "I've grown up with Sugababe's music as a soundtrack to my life and I've been a fan of theirs for years: I still can't believe my luck"


Blogger bob said...

"Soundtrack to my life"


new member is a travesty, asain may-ling-ling was far prettier and had a very alluring look, especially in those hot little black panties. will not be watching anymore of their videos

7:41 AM  

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