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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Maldon Mud Race (almost as famous as the salt..)

I hope you've all had a pleasant couple of days, got pissed and given your families special loving etc,.. I went to Maldon mud race yesterday, didn't compete obviously (looks near fatal, hypothermia inducing and a pretty large percentage puke as they stumble across the finishing line..)it was great, held at the prom down by the quayside, masses upon thousands of spectators crammed round the marine lake, along the sea wall and up on the hilly banks watching 200 men, women, general nutters wade across 500 metres of mud, including a frantic slide and scramble from the starting line and a plunge into the River Blackwater, which is subsequently waded through at waist level, emerging up onto the mud banks and a race to the finish, different techniques including running, walking, crawling on all fours and one loser who thought the best way to do it was by lying on his back with his head pointed at the finishing line and sort of doing backstroke skulls in the mud This didn't work All in all it was very good fun, raised about £25,000 for charity and set me up for the day.


Blogger bob said...

oh we have to do that next year! looks like depraved fun

new digicam creating lovely images yes yes

7:01 AM  

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