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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Right let's put this one to bed once and for all
Support, if necessary, from Bill, Jules and Oli would be much appreciated at this juncture

Ok, quite frankly i'm really pissed of at the moment of people saying (scope, private language boo boo boon) that the Beatles "aren't that great" or "they're rubbish", "overrated" or even "they're o" (not good enough). I might have been in this camp when i was about 17 but i made the effort to get deeply into john lennon and george harrison. people should do the same if theyre not fans already, please really do do this even if you think it's cooler to not like the beatles

Musical Talent - in terms of musicianship beatles arent necessarily the most technically gifted, although maybe with the exception if george harrison was an amazing guitarist. everyone knows ringo starr isnt even a household name in his own household (starkey is the name) and he narrated thomas the tank engine and he's a shit drummer. But, and its a big but (like beyonce "Bouncy" Knowles), their music fits together so well. And how amazing is the indian sound on love you to, tommorow never knows etc? originality in merging all these genres can be seen as a massive argument for the beauty and greatness of the beatles. check out the aeolian cadences and harmony shit with those voices too. if that's technique then they're fucking technically gifted there

Lyrics - "Everybody seems to think I'm lazy

I don't mind, I think they're crazy

Running everywhere at such a speed

Till they find there's no need"

these lyrics, to me, are brilliant. they capture the very essence of the angry lazy young man syndrome that engorges many of us. in the vein of the kinks, oasis and blur this band talk about england in a way that we can relate to. i bet you think this is a really boring argument and one that is overused and staid. fuck it, it works as an argument.

Influence - without doubt the most influential artists this side of nirvana, chuck berry, black sabbath and bob dylan.

i can't be arsed to write any more because PES4 vs dave and matt beckons, if you need any more arguments i've got them stacked up in my head so just request them. if not, start loving the beatles.

Today's Best Song Ever - "Eulogy" Tool


Anonymous Matt said...

I request more arguments.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous George said...

alright mate i'll have to leave it til tomorrow though as i have to polish off these 2 essays tonight

8:46 AM  
Blogger bob said...

I feel that he cannot think of any more...

9:12 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

Time for you lot to get PES5. Defending is bloody impossible, but beautiful goals are scored with metronomic regularity.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous George said...

mate are you having a laugh we got it 3 days before it came out in the uk on pre-order. it's amazing, and we're pretty good, challenges galore at any christmas/house/new years party

5:59 AM  

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