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Thursday, December 29, 2005

This cat is like david bowie, it has different coloured eyes

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Snow Was Great

i think the shetland pony could be one of the cutest species, although they are fucking nutters and have crazy mad eyes

fucking up golf courses in the snow

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Maldon Mud Race (almost as famous as the salt..)

I hope you've all had a pleasant couple of days, got pissed and given your families special loving etc,.. I went to Maldon mud race yesterday, didn't compete obviously (looks near fatal, hypothermia inducing and a pretty large percentage puke as they stumble across the finishing line..)it was great, held at the prom down by the quayside, masses upon thousands of spectators crammed round the marine lake, along the sea wall and up on the hilly banks watching 200 men, women, general nutters wade across 500 metres of mud, including a frantic slide and scramble from the starting line and a plunge into the River Blackwater, which is subsequently waded through at waist level, emerging up onto the mud banks and a race to the finish, different techniques including running, walking, crawling on all fours and one loser who thought the best way to do it was by lying on his back with his head pointed at the finishing line and sort of doing backstroke skulls in the mud This didn't work All in all it was very good fun, raised about £25,000 for charity and set me up for the day.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Season's Greetings

Bon noel etc weihnachsten etc
cool gifts, Schrodingers Cat (yes yes) Labyrinths - Jose Luis Borges, Batman Begins and some cords

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Separated At Birth

-ever seen these 2 in the same place at the same time then?

p.s. ever tried just typing a word into yahoo and clicking on images ? for example "scantily" or "tummy" or "pregnant", fascinating results


(a) Chestnut

(b) Mince Pie

(c) Christmas Turkey

(d) Goosey Goosey Gander

(e) Christmas Cracker

Lyric Of The Day

Today's Best Ever Lyric
Context (everyone download!): A Perfect Circle - "Pet"
"Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums"
obviously this is more likely to appeal to those of you who are already partial to a bit of politics in pumping bass driven angsty metal music (rob, bill, arv etc), but I'm hoping any indie/MOR/drab athletes and cold-players will take this opportunity to d-load the song and check out how much of a craftsman Mr Keenan is.. great lyric, try getting it out of your head once you've heard the song a few times..

Sugababes in New Member Shocker

Sugababes - do they push your button?

ah the lovely sugarbabes, such great songsmithtresses with a social and political conscience, the video for "Ugly" is profound/profane/prozac-inducing/protoypically shallow and such like. all at once. but said band lost the chav nutter tatoo layabout pregnant one Mutya Buena last week, replacing her within 24 hours

work out if this is a fair swap..

I reckon this'll do, in fact i think that the babes have excelled themselves with this dip into the (pre) January transfer window. very infectious tunes, midriffs and frivolous attitudinal youthfulness. does anyone share my enthusiasm?

Replacement X

name: Amelle (6.2 on the Hackett scale) Berrabah (ethnic, good, expand fan base)

age: 21

quote: "I've grown up with Sugababe's music as a soundtrack to my life and I've been a fan of theirs for years: I still can't believe my luck"

Friday, December 23, 2005

Good to see you all last night guys, peace out

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Today's Best Album To Rediscover After A Year Or 2 - "Ten" Pearl Jam

Charity Christmas Cards - Real Conscience vs Trend

* I'm putting some Christmas cards up on the wall and i notice that about 80% of them are supporting various charities

(I hasten to add that this can only be a good thing)

this is good, but one has to question the motivation for such a radical switch in popularity of charity cards, for whilst i'd like to believe that each person who sent one of these is fully aware of what theyre contributing to and how they can help by making a positive decision to spend a bit more on a causeworthy card rather than a sickly/glossy/thin/shitty Clintons Cards card, i can't help but feel lots of it is done because it's trendy or "the done thing"


Heidi Klum?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gone (where? Cambridge?) But Not Forgotten

Syd Barrett
(see you guys on thursday for drinks)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dead Hero Of The Day

Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)
watch out where the huskies go..

I think you may find this interesting

here's a link to the University of Nottingham Philosophy Department's information page on a seminar leader who has taken my classes a few times:

check it out, a far more interesting personal biography than any of the other members of staff


Shopping List
  • a more widepread appreciation of Twelve Monkeys (and "La Jetee")
  • everyone to have read the same books as me, watched the same films and listened to the same music
  • Global Peace
  • a New Years Eve party with everyone there
  • heightened awareness of environmental issues
  • less waste
  • people to not leave thier TV on standby at night (see previous)
  • more time
  • more dennis pennis
  • less rivalry
  • PES 6
  • a world free of all religious/political/social (ie ideological) illusions

Enoch Powell: misunderstood/misinterpreted?

does anyone want a discussion about this?


Today's Best Songs Ever - "White Rabbit" Jefferson Airplane
"(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais" The Clash
"White Riot" The Clash


Thought Of The Day
Something in my own place
I'm standing naked
Smiling, I feel no disgrace
With who I am
Richard Ashcroft

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


For any non-warwick philosophy kids (i.e bill and rob), i think you might appreciate this site:
Nice references to tarski
sorry to anyone this doesn't apply to
bad bananas are bad (tautology)

Thought of the Day
(Kurt Cobain 05/04/94 Suicide [?])
Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld,
So i can sigh eternally,
I'm so tired and I can't sleep,
I'm a liar and a thief.


Today's Best Song Ever - "Going Up The Country" Canned Heat (R.I.P Al Wilson 03/09/70 Suicide)

Education - The 27 Club - dedicated to Mr Mike Skinner of Danbury

I have constructed this mini shrine to some of music's most treasured icons and troubadors. I thought that it might be interesting to investigate an eerie phenomenon that we're all pretty up with, namely that relating to the
"27 Club" or "Cult of 27"
  • Wacky theory, courtesy of the Astrological Lodge of London:

Clearly stated, this theory basically suggests that each one of these modern icons died while at the same stage/phase of their Uranus and Neptine cycles, "their lives apparently measured out by sixty degrees of Neptune" whatever this means.

Kurt Cobain Ur +3º, Ne -1º (Feb. 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)
Jimi Hendrix UR +6º, NE -3º (Nov 27, 1942 - Sept. 18, 1970)
Brian Jones UR + 4º, NE - 3º (Feb 28, 1942 - July 3, 1969)
Janis Joplin UR +8º, NE -3º (Jan 19, 1943 - Oct. 4, 1970)
Jim Morrison UR +3º, NE -3º (Dec 8, 1943 - July 3, 1970)

These musicians have been labelled as "The Children of Dionysus", all brilliant spirits whose lives have burn out like meteors in the sky (sic) by the time of their Uranus-trine return: in other words, Neptune has twice the orbit period of Uranus, therefore making its sextile-return (one sixth of its orbit) near to the time when Uranus makes its trine return - about the age of 27 (for example, one would reach the Neptune opposition at 84 years, as Uranus makes its full-cycle return)


Their youthful lives did not get as far as their first Saturn return. Thus, the primary defining feature of the 'Club of 27', in terms of lifespan, has been a Uranus-Neptune interaction - with the latter planet conferring the more exact period

  1. I'd be interested to hear what you think of this (pretty gash) theory
  2. I think anything to do with astrology or tarot or ghosts or marxism is complete unscientific hogswash
  3. Is it too easy just to say that these people just 'lived hard, died young', is there something more to it (i.e alternate explanation)? Matt has a very interesting theory here, but perhaps it should be heard in speech rather than infiltrated in the narrow scope of this paltry website. meaning is use etc snore snore
  4. Will mike join this club?
  5. But wait, let's get back to the fact that each member of this esteemed club had prominent Uranus-connections!
  • A lover of reptiles to his family and friends long before he became known as the Lizard King to his fans, Morrison, the troublesome practical joker with an exceptionally high IQ had the rebellious and macho Mars-Uranus conjunction.
  • Cobain, brought up in a society where perfect looks sell mediocre music, was the greasy-haired founding member of the "Grunge" music and lifestyle, was born during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the mid 1960‘s.

etc, there are plenty more arguments for why the "27 club" connected to the planets and shit, but maybe we can discuss those over a drink in lovely chelmsford next week...

Monday, December 12, 2005

More party photos

Howard Adam


Philosophy Laria (spelling?)

Lydie Hitch


Today's Best Song Ever - "Lonely Day" System of a Down (Hpnotiz(s)e)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Separated at birth?

2 very attractive women i think, but have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?
(btw, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves)

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Right let's put this one to bed once and for all
Support, if necessary, from Bill, Jules and Oli would be much appreciated at this juncture

Ok, quite frankly i'm really pissed of at the moment of people saying (scope, private language boo boo boon) that the Beatles "aren't that great" or "they're rubbish", "overrated" or even "they're o" (not good enough). I might have been in this camp when i was about 17 but i made the effort to get deeply into john lennon and george harrison. people should do the same if theyre not fans already, please really do do this even if you think it's cooler to not like the beatles

Musical Talent - in terms of musicianship beatles arent necessarily the most technically gifted, although maybe with the exception if george harrison was an amazing guitarist. everyone knows ringo starr isnt even a household name in his own household (starkey is the name) and he narrated thomas the tank engine and he's a shit drummer. But, and its a big but (like beyonce "Bouncy" Knowles), their music fits together so well. And how amazing is the indian sound on love you to, tommorow never knows etc? originality in merging all these genres can be seen as a massive argument for the beauty and greatness of the beatles. check out the aeolian cadences and harmony shit with those voices too. if that's technique then they're fucking technically gifted there

Lyrics - "Everybody seems to think I'm lazy

I don't mind, I think they're crazy

Running everywhere at such a speed

Till they find there's no need"

these lyrics, to me, are brilliant. they capture the very essence of the angry lazy young man syndrome that engorges many of us. in the vein of the kinks, oasis and blur this band talk about england in a way that we can relate to. i bet you think this is a really boring argument and one that is overused and staid. fuck it, it works as an argument.

Influence - without doubt the most influential artists this side of nirvana, chuck berry, black sabbath and bob dylan.

i can't be arsed to write any more because PES4 vs dave and matt beckons, if you need any more arguments i've got them stacked up in my head so just request them. if not, start loving the beatles.

Today's Best Song Ever - "Eulogy" Tool


Friday, December 09, 2005

by the way..

..if my blog is coming up in a strange left hand side of the screen orientated fashion on your computer i suggest just clicking on the name of the particular entry and you can read it centralised and normal in its own right.
peace out
also one more omission from ladie's band was the beautiful justine frischman of the massively underrated elastica (mike could i have my cd back, no it was in your cd player when it got nicked from your car..)

by the way have you all gone and downloaded "Don't Let It Bring You Down" by neil young, you HAVE to do this if you haven't already!

oh dear, what a bunch of wasters..

...Here's my anti-group (aka people i want to kill) not really

the guilty parties
  • 1) Chris Martin
  • 2) Morrissey
  • 3) Brian May
  • 4) Fat cunt from New Found Glory
  • 5) Keyboard Knob from Keane
  • 6) Phil "Buster" Collins

None of these people, if we're honest with ourselves, have ever actually added anything worthwile to music. Martin, i can't say much more except you and your band would be considered mediocre if if wasn't for the dire condition of modern music (c.f blur-oasis axis-counter-axis argument). Mr morrissey, oh dear, it's saying something if you are the reason that freddie mercury, james blunt, chad kroeger and robbie williams have been overlooked for this particular diatribe - you are not a poet or if you are then so are we all and we're better ones. Meat is murder yes, but so is your voice (actually it's more like torure). Brian may you're popping up on here a lot reently aren't you, what with being married to anita dobson, did you only marry her because she had hair like yours and it was a massive 25 year commitment ego trip of sorts? that chunky/wobbly guy from new found glory has always riled me, even more than that even bigger bassist chap from bowling for columbine, for this reason alone and, actually, for spurning the band Son of Dork i have included you here. Now, keyboardist from Keane - where to start. Not only are these guys down there with coldplay in terms of song wiriting ability and general artistic craft, they are also the ugliest band on the planet and the band that i find it most difficult to listen to, there is NOTHING for me to latch on to. at least with athlete i can laugh at them for being christians and a poor delirious? rip off band (hhaaha sic). This guy is also called Tim Rice-Oxley. If if wasn't bad enough that he's named after someone who writes and does all that shit with musicals (one of my least favoured art forms), he has an obscene triple-barrelled name which doesn't sit well. I would like to see a fight between coldplay and keane in one corner (southern "handed on a plate" priveleged public school boys) vs oasis and the verve (northern tough nuts with massive chips on their shoulders but also with the best crafted brtish songs since the 60s kinks/who/stones and beatles thing).

finally phil collins. what can i say about this chap. i think that he is an absolute chopper. please direct to a song or record where his immense fame and consequent wealth can be fully justified. i think it's disgusting, i'm going to have to leave it at that

ps did anyone watch that really brilliant john lennon/mark chapman documentary on channel 4 last night, it was great?(R)