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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


i need someone to help me out, agree with me, back up my arguments when i talk about the mediocrity and obscene irritation factor inherent to the music of coldplay.. how can a band so average and limited be regarded as the best band on the planet, snatching the mantle of U2 and REM (leave what i think of them to another time) and getting chris martin's grotesquely self-satisfied and "martyr face splattered over every magazine in the world. he is a knob, his music and lyrics(i say this because the actual music churned out by the 'instrumentalists', and i use that term loosely, i.e drumma/base/gitar, doesn't register as music, is so bland) are so poor anyone with half a brain could write them, or better. music is in such a sorry state nowadays, whatever happened to creativity and originality in music, whatever happened to the pumpkins and nirvana (in utero).. the only thing that can save us now is a new radiohead (or tool) album pretty soon or i am going to kill myself in the worst way possible, chain my face to the stero and have coldplay on at a just-audible volume whilst a hologram of chris martin blinds me and the killers snapping up coldplay cds and forcing them into my skull (while singing mr brightside in a quasi-bono style).

Todays's Best Song Ever - "Drown" The Smashing Pumpkins


Blogger bob said...

I don't think you need any help there mr. How about just avoiding the following things:

Records Stores
Shops which play local radio over their Tanoy's (forgive the brand name)
Other People

The abovementioned categories seem to encompass the problems you are facing.

But George, are Coldplay really *that* bad?

The top 40 albums for this week. Coldplay could do a lot worse and be like this lot!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Thepatient323 said...

coldplay aren't bad per se it's just that i regard them as such due to the hideous over-exposure and overratedness. i can listen to a track or two off their first album but i can't seem to relate to anyone who owns more than one coldplay album.
prefer madonna to coldplay, overrated too but she has talent and longevity even if here new song is pretty gay.
will young/robbie/take that/westlife - all shit, but then coldplay look bettwer in their light, but not because of some objective feature of talent or greatness or originality that they possess, but just because they seem (SEEM) so much more spohisticated and dextrous compared to the shit that's in the charts with them.
comparison between coldplay and radiohead - both can get to number 1 in the singles or album charts, coldplay sell out and release 4 singles a year and an album every year or 2, the other lads care about the music, or more precisely care about providing decent, thought-out, non churned-out, repetitive, monotonous music. Radiohead are all about going forward in music whereas coldplay are staid and weary, same old boring shit with the same old boring voice and tame musicianship

5:20 AM  

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