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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Today's Best Song Ever - "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans" The Smashing Pumpkins
good it's good

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Oli, Rob and Mike I command you to provide more articles on your respective sites.

one for you bill


p.s. rob or someone, you will have to show me at the party how to sort out this battyness surrounding my entries being published halfway down the page, html i imagine could be so fun but to me it's tedious.


i need someone to help me out, agree with me, back up my arguments when i talk about the mediocrity and obscene irritation factor inherent to the music of coldplay.. how can a band so average and limited be regarded as the best band on the planet, snatching the mantle of U2 and REM (leave what i think of them to another time) and getting chris martin's grotesquely self-satisfied and "martyr face splattered over every magazine in the world. he is a knob, his music and lyrics(i say this because the actual music churned out by the 'instrumentalists', and i use that term loosely, i.e drumma/base/gitar, doesn't register as music, is so bland) are so poor anyone with half a brain could write them, or better. music is in such a sorry state nowadays, whatever happened to creativity and originality in music, whatever happened to the pumpkins and nirvana (in utero).. the only thing that can save us now is a new radiohead (or tool) album pretty soon or i am going to kill myself in the worst way possible, chain my face to the stero and have coldplay on at a just-audible volume whilst a hologram of chris martin blinds me and the killers snapping up coldplay cds and forcing them into my skull (while singing mr brightside in a quasi-bono style).

Todays's Best Song Ever - "Drown" The Smashing Pumpkins

Friday, November 25, 2005


This is a website i stumbled across, i think it might have something to do with joe smith of kegs fame - note, go to gigs, they play norwich one week and burnham on crouch (dengie straw dogs sticks etc inbreeding) the next. try downloading some of the music, i reckon it will be up rob and mike's street, sort of sounds like acoustic stereophonics crossed with folk-grunge


George Best
The Genius from Belfast

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Cool website
some german guy around our age who seems to go travelling all the time, pretty cool, some amazing photos for desktop backgrounds


Today's Best Song Ever - "All Apologies" Nirvana

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Hypnotize {Hypnotise} - First Listen
On first listening, the new System of a Down offering is noticeably different from the previous 4 SOAD albums. I didn't really get in to many of the first few tracks, but fell in love with track 6, "Tentative" on first listening. This is a new direction, lots of quasi 80's-lite guitar sections, but they don't sacrifice the "quackiness"/"quirkiness" of previous efforts. Lyrically, this is their most politically charged album so far, recurrent themes of bombs, dead innocent civilians, passive parasitic Western society, war, corporate evils, hollywood etc

Also i watched Requiem For A Dream last night for the first time, long overdue, really horrible film, great, jennifer connelly is amazingly gorgeous, better than Pi, yes i think so, more colour

terracotta pie ("Vicinity of Obscenity") is an example of the sort of quacky song that System should omit from their album, really really shit song

ps will system ever be as good as their first album, at least with "Hypnotise" they've started eradicating the more commercial poppy singalongs that weren't present on self-titled

greatest sytem song ever - Spiders or Darts or P.L.U.C.K or Aerials?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Go here:

There was once another George Greenyer, baptised on October 5th 1873 in Angmering, West Sussex

What is even odder is that this is a couple of miles from where Bill lives and if I'm right he used to play for a football team in Angmering

previous existence, at least i'm not in a wheelchair so i know i wasn't a sinner

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Today's Best Song Ever - "Kid A" Radiohead

Monday, November 14, 2005


Just a little homage to darren khodavieiri
sorry if i couldn't spell his name right, i couldn't bring myself to look at the name plate when he was on university challenge since it threatened to conjure too many vivid and horrible images of said tory/Queen (Brian may etc although problably the royal type too, hack spit spit) fan sweatily and feverishly scribbling answers into his Daily Telegraph crossword before school in the sixth form centre. boy done good. twat.


Newsflash - Party in Nottingham on Saturday 3rd December I expect you all to be there

Friday, November 11, 2005


Today's Best Song Ever - "To Sheila" The Smashing Pumpkins

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Yo here are a few photos from a bonfire party we had, enjoy


Tonight's Best Song Ever - "Let's See Action" The Who

p.s. documentary tonight channel 4, 11.40pm, "The Who: behind Who's Next" my favourite album ever


Today's Worst Song Ever - "The Sweetest Thing" U2


Here are some nice old photos for you all..

dennis taylor?


Today's Best Song Ever - "Let Down" Radiohead

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Paul Robinson vs Paul Robinson

Who comes out on top between the legless aussie and the premiership footballer?

Paul Robinson Paul Robinson

Age 47 26

Ladies Izzy, Lilliana, those twins etc No

Best Asset (detachable) Prosthetic Limb Left Foot

Favourite Film Flashdance or Footloose My Left Foot

Greatest Invention Robinson's Fruit Juice Nothing

So there's a clear winner in paul robinson, who wins on age, ladies and inventions